Someone asked me recently what running means to me. I mean, why do I continue running? Why would I run another marathon? What gets me motivated?

I’ve been listening to New Found Glory during many of my miles – the “Resurrection” and “Sticks and Stones” albums in their entirety – no skipping. They’re a band that I discovered about 15 years ago, and they’ve stuck with me since. There have been periods that I’ve gone without listening to them, but after two outstanding live shows in the span of a year, they’ve managed to rock back into my playlist.

The song “Ready and Willing” off NFG’s new album “Resurrection” resonates with me in particular from a running standpoint as I begin training for the Athens Ohio Marathon in April 2016.

It’s funny because music means something different to each person, just like running. You might give it up for a while, but as soon as you start racking up miles again, it’s like rediscovering that album in a shoe box from your high school days.

And that’s what running means to me. It means being able to have something to fall back on, go back to, to never stop enjoying no matter how repetitive or monotonous it might seem to some people.

Running changes live, just like music, and I’m ready and willing to take on what the future brings as new goals are set and achievements are met.

What does running mean to you?


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