Nestled next to Chipotle at Steelyard Commons in Cleveland is Guthrie’s Chicken Fingers, a poultry palace that offers the finest in hand-breaded chicken fingers with a saucesomeness (new word!) few other fast food restaurants have been able to grasp.

Now, the phrase “fast food” has a bad connotation, but I want to clarify that Guthrie’s is not a typical greasy, over-priced joint with cheap ingredients. You can eat in without feeling like you’ll smell like grease when you leave, and, most importantly, your meal is always hot and fresh. You won’t find dried-out, soggy or cold food on your plate.

Here are three reasons why you need to visit Guthrie’s.

1. The Chicken

Fast food and hand-breading typically don’t accompany each other, but at Guthrie’s white meat, tenderly cared for (see what I did there) chicken is the obvious main attraction. Quality is always consistent, and the restaurant most certainly wouldn’t be worth going to if the main star of the menu was a frozen mystery-meat mess.

2. The Sauce

Mouthwatering sauce sounds a little cliche, but don’t underestimate this exquisite blend of simple ingredients. With sauces more is less, a lot of places go crazy trying to make exotic blends. Guthrie’s creamy and peppery sauce perfectly complements the establishment’s tenders…and is also a great sauce for fries. Order extra when you go!

3. The Simplified Menu

You know what grinds my gears? Restaurants that try to appeal to everyone. Guthrie’s makes it simple. The only thing you have to decide to how many chicken tenders you want. A typical combo consists of tenders, crinkle-cut fries, their mouthwatering sauce and a piece of toast. Some combos also include slaw. The only modification? You can request grilled tenders. Simply put: Guthrie’s understand what they do best.

BONUS REASON:The GutBuster Challenge

This post wouldn’t be complete if I did not mention the GutBuster Challenge. Your stomach capacity will determine if you can eat 25 tenders in 30 minutes. The prize? Trophy, your picture on the GutBuster wall of fame, and bragging rights. This will be my reward one time after a marathon.


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