I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a hard time getting motivated to run in the arctic tundra that has been Cleveland this week. I know some experienced runners still hit the trails/roads, but I might just invest in a treadmill for those days when not even my dog will chill outside.

Snow Pomeranian

Napoleon likes the cold weather. Winter is his summertime.

I ran earlier this week with the Northeast Running Club and picked up some pointers about cold weather running.

I signed up for the Run for Regis Half Marathon Fun Run on Saturday, January 31, 2015. So I don’t want to completely neglect the cold weather. After speaking with some of the club members, here are four things I will make sure to utilize.


1. Ice Cleats


Image credit: Yaktrax

Where there’s snow, there’s ice, and I certainly don’t want to be injured. Yaktrax Traction Run Cleats (pictured right) are designed to fit over your running shoes, which is a plus because you don’t have to buy a new pair.

2. Headlamp

With the winter season comes daylight savings time, and it’s pretty much dark by 5 p.m. For someone who works an 8-5, a headlamp and bright clothing are essential. Running in the park is preferable as it might get dangerous with icy road and vehicles. My preferred brand: Petzl

3. Layers

No number of layers is too few. I look forward to sweating profusely through at least two of them. For my run in 26F, I wore a pair of leggings under pants, one tank top, a thinner long sleeve, running jacket and two hats. Also, SmartWool socks are essential. Layers are obvious, but they will keep frostbite away and your motivation up.

4. Fireball

Everyone has their own post-run indulgence or snack, and a nice warm-up after a cool run for me is a shot of fireball. What is yours?

My other suggestions? Cross training is always important. So, I signed up for some strengthening yoga classes to supplement my runs. If you feel it’s too cold or you’re uncomfortable running at any point, cut down on your number of runs. Join a gym and find new ways to keep motivated and in shape. When springtime comes around, you’ll be stronger and ready to hit the trails/roads even more!

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