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AK Trail Runner:
I am Chris, a late-blooming explosion of trail running madness lodged in the middle of Alaska and living off the meager life in the food and beverage industry. I have evolved into an ultra marathoner, and this is where I share my stories and adventures of running and racing. Welcome.

Endurance Daddy:
My name is Andy and I’m daddy to two great kids – Lily (a very precocious 4) and Oscar (just turned 1). It’s fair to say that along with my wife Nikki, these guys are my world. We live in Norwich, a fine city in the east of England. Endurance Daddy has come about because over the last few years, I’ve found myself on a mission to increase my own personal fitness.

The Hop Runner:
Marketing Communications Manager by day, competitive age group runner and triathlete by night
Craft Beer aficionado, yogi and endurance junkie

The Tambura Runner:
I am a 30 something from Cleveland, OH. I’ve lived here my entire life (minus the 4 years I lived in Toledo for college) and cannot imagine living anywhere else. However, I love to travel and will visit just about anywhere. Cleveland is a great city and has so much to offer. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise, even during the crazy lake effect snow filled winters.