Stefanie Valentic

Runner, Blogger
I began my running journey in 2013 after participating in the Downtown Willoughby 5K in Willoughby, Ohio. Disappointed with my performance, I made a commitment to PR that time by ten minutes the next year. So, in spring 2014, I got off the couch, tied my shoes and went for a run in the park across the street. The next day, I did the same. Soon, I began to notice a change. I could run for longer and longer without stopping. I was getting faster. I was having fun. That fall, I was able to reduce my 5K time from 36:23 to a 25:49. Since then, I have participated in more than a dozen half marathons and three full marathons.

Member –
Achilles/Great Lakes Race Timing Race Team

Personal Records


Hatfield-McCoy Marathon
Williamson, West Virginia
June 2016


Conquer the Castle 25K
Willoughby Hills, Ohio
November 2016

Half Marathon

Run for Chardon Half Marathon
Chardon, Ohio
May 2017


Zucchini Run
Chardon, Ohio
July 2016