Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday or just because, purchasing a gift for the trail runner in your life can be stressful. Well, worry no more! I sat here for a good week thinking about what exactly trail runners could use besides shoes, socks or other traditional running gear. Check out five things I think that special, crazy trail runner can use!

1. The Samuel L. Jackson Cardboard Cutout

The Samuel L. Jackson deluxe cardboard cutout alerts you when there’s a snake up ahead! Don’t let the trail runner in your life end up like Woody from Toy Story with a snake in their boots – or trail shoes!

The Samuel L. Jackson cardboard cutout is available in traditional Hollywood style or as Nick Fury.

Looking for a more runner-friendly Samuel L Jackson? A Pulp Fiction action figure also is available!

2. Pet Rock

For those ultra runners that need some company, a low-maintenance pet rock will provide some reminiscent of Wilson from Castaway! As the miles go by, that special trail runner will appreciate someone to talk to, especially when they start to hallucinate at mile 67.

3. Trail Markers

Are you a new trail runner? Do you worry your loved one will get lost during a trail race like this lady? Fear no more by hunting down some trail-marking tacks for a stocking stuffer!

The best part about these tacks from Cabela’s is that they get to either backtrack or run the same course again to pick them all up! No runner will turn down extra miles!

4. Handheld Digital Recorder

A handheld recorder will let a runner talk about running whenever they want, and you don’t have to listen!

If a runner talks about running and no one is around to hear them, will they still talk about running?

5. Personal Chef

Fueling is essential to a great race. So, nothing can be better than having your own personal chef! The trail runner will appreciate the personal chef who can set up at any aid station along the route and cook up something better than the traditional PB&J sandwich! This gift is sure to wow.

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