Month: March 2017

Run for Chardon 2017 Training Update

Week 10: Finding the Confidence STEFANIE V. March 9, 2017 February has passed, and my training continues to intensify. I’m not comfortable talking about it because I’m nervous that I’ll jinx it, but at the same time, I’m surprised at how far I’ve been able to push myself the past 10 weeks. All of a sudden, it just seems more routine than a chore. I’ve only been running for about three years with no high school athletics experience. In fact, the last organized sport I played was in sixth grade (15+ years ago). So, I consider it somewhat of a small miracle that I’m...

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Race Report: Flirt with Dirt 10K

Race Report: Flirt with Dirt 10K 7 MARCH, 2017 Let me preface this race report by saying I’m about done with winter. It’s not the snow that makes me think twice about running outside; it’s the ice. Now, I’ll use this as a segway into my experience at Flirt with Dirt 10K. The Flirt with Dirt 10K was held on Saturday, March 4 at the Oak Hill Trailhead of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, about a 50-minute drive from my house. I usually only will venture out this far if the race is a half marathon or longer. However,...

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Race Report: Olde Girdled Grit Half

Race Report: Olde Girdled Grit Half 1 March, 2017 Sometimes you get bored with the traditional long run. Enter impulse race registrations. On Sunday, Feb. 26, I completed the Olde Girdled Grit trail half marathon at Girdled Road Reservation in Concord Twp, Ohio. I originally had ambitions to run a longer distance but settled for the half because I’ve had a strong running streak lately. In addition, I enjoy meeting up with other people from the local running community outside of weekly group runs. Nothing gets me more motivated than seeing others accomplish their goals. The start of Olde...

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